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2015 Fitness New Years Resolution: The "Why" behind Spencer's 12 Week Body Transformation

Best Complete Workout Program I've Had E-mailed to Me

This is the best workout routine I've been e-mailed. A friend just sent it to me because he wants to grow to the next level of his fitness journey. He has been doing for about six months. I'm pretty impressed! This is very detailed!

Current Workout routine I don’t do all of the exercises each day but I do try and work all of them in each week.

Monday Chest, Light Legs and Abs
Chest workout varies usually consists of flat bench strait bar/dumbbells, with flat bench fly’s, incline bench strait bar/dumbbells with incline fly’s and decline bench strait bar/dumbbells. It just depends on how I am feeling and what I feel like I need to work on.

Legs is usually standing and sitting calf raises and some leg raises

Abs Decline full sit-ups and leg raises on the dip stand

Tuesday Bis and Tris

Bis usually straight bar curls with the squat bar and yes it is in the squat rack. J Then sissy bar curls on the curl bench. Alternating curls while standing, incline bench curls, sitting or standing hammer curls and sometimes at the end I burn out on dumbbell curls start around 45-50 pounds and go until I can’t get another rep with good form then drop five pounds. I do this all the way down until I am lifting five pound dumbbells.

Tris skull crushers with the sissy bar. Press downs on the lat machine, standing with hands behind my head and go forward with the lat machine. Standing dumbbell skull crushers, close grip bench and dumbbell press back. Not sure if that is what the last one is called or not.

Wednesday Leg day and lower back. With some abs

Legs: Squats, walking lunges with squat bar and two plates, leg press, squat machine, leg lifts and hamstring curls usually some calf raises on the leg press machine or at the end of each squat set.

Lower Back: Dead lift and strait leg deadlifts I have not been doing too much as my lower back is hurting right now. Old stupidity I am sure. :0

Abs: windshield wipers, crunches and I don’t know what it is called but laying on my back on the flat bench then I raise my legs straight up in the air and then use my abs to lift my butt and legs until my shoulders are only left on the bench.

Thursday shoulders and upper back
Military Press behind head and in front, Dumbbell front raises and side raises, Arnold press, in front and behind shrugs.

Upper back: Bent over rows, Lat pull downs close grip wide grip forward facing hands backward facing hands. Chin-ups, pushups

Friday and Saturday I usually cycle back through what is not to sore and try and hit whatever lifts I did not get in on the other days. So I usually am able to hit each muscle group again just not as hard

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Quick Fatloss Burning Secret Revealed: Lose Bodyfat with Cardio?

Quick Fatloss Burning: Cardio and Weightlifting Comparison
by Lance King

What would you say to a person who says, “If you want to get bulky, consider weightlifting. If you want to simply lose weight and lean-up, consider cardio.”?

If you have been to the gym recently, it not hard to see that the majority of women are exercising with cardio, and the majority of men are exercising with weights. In fact, I have heard women are now being called “Cardio Bunnies.” Is this because they appear to be hopping while on a treadmill or elliptical machine? I highly doubt it. Do men and women have extremely different objectives when at the gym? Most I have talked with express their desire to “fire” excess body-fat and “hire” lean muscle-definition. However, the question has always been, “how?” I am confident men and women will lose body-fat more quickly using weights and machines then relying primarily upon cardio machines.

If you want to get “bulky, consider weightlifting?” It is true that many men are using significant supplemental assistance (a.k.a steroids/testosterone boosters) to gain size and strength. However, for people who have chosen modest supplemental assistance (a.k.a Effective Foods/Protein from, gaining large bulky muscles, like mine, do not happen overnight! My mother used to worry that if she lifted heavy weights with her arms, that her arms would out-grow many of her cute dress shirts. To my mother, I say, “Mother, as a female, your body does not carry the testosterone and growth hormones mine does, being male.” People who lift weights to exercise do not “magically” gain enormous bulk overnight!

The term “weightlifting” needs to be removed from the dictionary, if in fact it is found in the dictionary. Weightlifting is often associated with one who is a “weight-lifter.” A weight-lifter is often associated with loud grunting, large sweat-puddles on gym equipment, and harry chests. Women do not want to be associated with loud noises, sweat, nor having a harry anything! Suppose, rather than using a word that has negative imagery, people simply say he or she is using resistance training—in order to lose a few unwanted pounds and tone up their muscles with more definition.

Admittedly, many people primarily use cardio for cardiovascular improvement. I find no shame in this desire. Cardio exercise will improve cardiovascular health. Additionally, some may argue that they do not include resistance training with weights because of a lack of know-how or because they are nursing an injury. I support the use of cardio equipment for both of these purposes, and recognize that hiring a personal trainer or a physical therapist is not the most affordable, convenient, or comfortable option. If a person is a position to supplement their physical training with the use of weights and/or various exercise machines, I am confident this person will receive the results they desire, cardiovascular included.

While it is true that cardio will build lean muscle tissue, time duration must also be considered. For example, if a person is isolating specific cardio machines to build their leg muscles, this individual may contrast the amount of steps or rotations taken when performing the movement, to an exercise that could be executed with weights. The area being trained with cardio might receive up to 1,000 revolutions during an hour of exhaustive training; when this same muscle group could be exhausted in twenty minutes with roughly five sets of about 15-25 repetitions. The person using weighted resistance would also find that, even though he or she is not burning the same amount of calories during the exercise routine as an individual doing cardio, they will find their muscles requiring more calories, from that point on, to sustain the recovery and lean-muscle growth from the exercise routine. In short, if a person will direct their goals to “lose body-fat and lean up” quickly, toward weights and machines, they will be amazed at how effectively they gain the physique, energy, and health they desire!

BCS GI Index Grocery List of High, Medium, and Low Glycemic Carbohydrates

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Here is the Grocery List:

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Part 3 Best Back and Legs Workout for Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep

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Week 5 Back Workout Exercises for Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep

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